Knaresborough panorama.

Knaresborough, North Yorkshire, England. Guide and Virtual Tour of the town.


Knaresborough steep cliff

Knaresborough is an attractive market town, four miles east of Harrogate in North Yorkshire. It is situated on the banks of the River Nidd, from where you can hire a boat or take a walk along the waterside.

Here you can also see Knaresborough’s most famous attraction: Mother Shipton’s Well, where Mother Shipton made prophecies over 500 years ago and where everyday objects are turned to stone! Above the River Nidd is a spectacular viaduct, where you can find Knaresborough Railway Station.

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Knaresborough castle is a pleasant collection of ruins high on a cliff above the river. You can climb up to here from the River Nidd up a steep, winding path. The view from here makes the climb well worthwhile.

In the town itself, Knaresborough boasts the site of the oldest chemist shop in the world – it dates from 1720. The old market town is an interesting place to watch the world go by – perhaps with a glass of something cool in the town square? Market day is Wednesday, when parking is even worse than usual! Every June, Knaresborough holds its annual “Bed Race”.


Admire the view of the River Nidd and Railway Viaduct from Knaresborough Castle alongside the War Memorial.

A steep, winding footpath leads down to the Waterside from this point - with frequent stopping places and a bench or two should you need a breather! More likely on the way back up....

Knaresborough Castle was built around 1100 by a Norman baron on the cliff above the River Nidd. In the 1170s Hugh de Moreville and his followers took refuge there after assassinating Thomas Beckett (Saint Thomas of Canterbury).